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10 Tips for Dealing with Picky Eaters at the Christmas Dinner Table

10 Tips for Dealing with Picky Eaters at the Christmas Dinner Table

Picky Eaters

Why do we love the holidays? Aside from enjoying time off work and spending it with your loved ones, there’s the food! Who doesn’t love the traditional holiday meals with turkey, ham, fish? Kids – that’s who! Christmas can be one of the most stressful holidays for some – especially if you have to keep in mind of your picky eaters. Don’t get your menu adapted to your child, but get your child adapted to the menu!

You cannot be upset at your child because they like or don’t like certain dishes. Their palettes haven’t fully developed yet; therefore you can only be supportive. If possible, try talking to your family members ahead of time, especially if you’ll be having dinner at their place! Here are a few tips to help your Christmas run as smooth as pumpkin pie:

  1. Don’t try a brand new recipe on Christmas (it is too stressful!) – try doing a “test tasting” before the actual holiday dinner to see if your kids will like it.
  2. Get the kids involved – not only will it be a fun hands on activity for you all to share, but experts say that kids are more likely willing to try something if they helped prepare it!
  3. Keep the snacking to a minimal, this way they will be hungry during the meal – try a light veggie platter with Ranch to dip.
  4. Presentation is half the battle with kids – if it has a “weird” texture they are probably going to be freaked out by it – keep it simple so it looks kid friendly.
  5. Give them a choice. For example:  “mashed potatoes or Mac and cheese” – tell them they have to pick one. It will let them feel more in control.
  6. Most kids HATE when their food touches. Try serving them on a plate that has individual sections!
  7. Keep serving sizes small – kids get too overwhelmed with big servings and this way they are more likely to ask for seconds!
  8. Finger foods – kids love eating with their hands!
  9. Try turkey nugget bites – a chicken nugget alternative to a kid friendly classic!
  10. Keep a “back-up” like Mac & Cheese for a side, kids love this classic and adults like it too! You can make it a bit more “adult” by using a variety of cheeses and top it with breadcrumbs.

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