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Back to School, But Not Back to Worrying

Back to School, But Not Back to Worrying

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Labor Day is right around the corner, which also means it’s back to school for millions of kids in the U.S. The first day of school means a lot of the same things for most children. For parents of children with sensory issues, or children in the Autism Spectrum, the first day of school is exciting but can bring different challenges.

That’s why WeeCare would like to share some tips to make the transition easier:

  • Speak with your child about the upcoming school year well in advance. Helping them understand the changes ahead of time will make the transition that much easier.
  • Give your child daily reminders – this will support the concept of the new year and what they can expect
  • Mention people they may remember from the previous year, as this will help reinforce what is familiar to them
  • Show your child pictures to help them recognize their new surroundings.
  • Walk them through their daily schedule, using clear examples of what time of day they will be in which class.
  • Have your child participate in getting ready for the school year – from choosing their supplies to packing & prepping their backpack. This will help them feel more in control of the situation around them.
  • Bring a comfort object with them in order to make the transition back to school more relaxing.

As occupational therapists, we know it is important to understand your child’s emotion concerning the new school year, especially if they will be with new faces and in a new school environment. If they will be starting occupational therapy along with school in the coming weeks, this is even more significant as they will have several new environments to adjust to now.

And as always, WeeCare is here to help.


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