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Make Your New Year’s Resolution Plan

Make Your New Year’s Resolution Plan

New Year Resolutions

It is always good for your child to set goals for him or herself. It gives them something to work toward and allows opportunity for rewards and praise. Following through on steps to achieve a goal is an important life skill. With the New Year here, take the time to sit down with your child and their therapist to come up with clear, purposeful, and attainable goals for 2014. It helps to organize these goals into categories and then get specific with individual goals. For example, one category may be “Skills to Learn.” Others may include “Socializing,” “School Grades,” “Family Time,” and “Scheduling.” A sample resolution may look like this:


Skills to Learn

  • Scissors Skills – practice and master 20 activities
  • Visual Perceptual Skills – successfully perform 15 activities


  • Have play dates twice a month
  • Make one new friend
  • Make it through a grocery store trip confidently
  • Perform in one school play

School Grades

  • Achieve an “A” letter grade in at least three school subjects

Family Time

  • Spend one-on-one time with each member of the family in your household once per month
  • Have a monthly game night for the entire family household


  • Integrate into a routine with flexibility
  • Divide time appropriately for school, therapy, and play time

Post their resolutions in a place your child can see everyday like a wall in their room or on the fridge and check off each feat with them. Plan to celebrate at the end of the year!

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