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Top 4 Most Common Questions From Parents about Occupational Therapy

Top 4 Most Common Questions From Parents about Occupational Therapy

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Finding out your child has special needs can be a terrifying, confusing time for any parent. Alternatively, for some parents, it may come as somewhat of a relief, depending on the situation. Either way, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions; including, what should I be asking my child’s occupational therapist to ensure they are getting the best treatment possible?

That’s why we want to share the most common questions asked to WeeCare Occupational Therapy. Hopefully, these questions will also allow you to see that you are not alone in this and that getting some answers will help you and those around you to continue to see your child for what they are—perfect.

1. Why can my child hold it together at school, but not at home?

This is a question that is common one asked by families of special needs children. Children often act themselves at home; sometimes throwing tantrums, eating poorly, exhibiting hyperactivity or generally poor behavior. At school or daycare, parents are baffled when their child’s teacher reports back that the child was perfectly well behaved and didn’t demonstrate any of the behaviors that the parents observe at home. This tells us that your child is thriving in an environment where there is a plan or a set schedule of parameters from which they are able to operation within. At home, there might be the influence of siblings or other factors that contribute to looser guidelines that the child is expected to follow—it is home, after all, a place where they are supposed to feel most comfortable. However, with your occupational therapist, it may be beneficial to come up with some new strategies that you and your child can implement together to channel their energy in a possible way.

2. How long will my child need therapy?

If you are asking yourself this question, you are not alone. In fact, we hear this question from almost every parent. And the answer is one that is decidedly unsatisfying: that it honestly depends on each child’s unique situation. It depends on a variety of factors including why a child was brought into therapy in the first place, how well they respond to therapy, their attitude, and how well those around the child implement the strategies the therapist assigns for outside of sessions.

3. Can someone come into my home to show me how to run a program at home?

Many times telling a parent what they need to do at home is just not enough. They want and need to be shown in their own environment. The phrase, “easier said than done” comes to mind. The good news is that many occupational therapists, including WeeCare, offer in-home consultations to parents or caregivers. Typically, one or two visits are enough to get them started.

4. What types of toys should I buy?

There are many great toys that can help with fine motor skills, minimizing hyperactivity during travel, and assist with sensory issues. Some of our favorites include any Melissa & Doug puzzle or toy – these wooden toys eliminate all of the plastic and noise prevalent in most toys today. Besides that, we like them because they help force children to use their imaginations. Also, we love bringing back old toys: block, beads, puzzles, cups, nesting and cups/rings. Those things promoted counting, shape identification, and imagination.

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