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Winter Occupational Therapy Activities

Winter Occupational Therapy Activities

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Brrrr its cold outside! With weather like this, most parents want to try their best to keep their children inside where it’s nice and warm without giving the kiddos too much cabin fever. Keep your kids occupied with some fun arts and crafts activities that involve refining motor skills and coordination. How’s that for knocking out two birds with one stone?

Here are 3 fun hands on activities you and your kids can do while keeping warm indoors!

1) Penguin Pattern

Kids love penguins! Something about their dapper tuxedos or the way they wobble when they walk is too cute to resist. Print out this fun penguin pattern and have your child cut out (with child proof scissors) the parts and glue them together! This activity can be fun and educational by including a discussion of some fun and interesting facts about penguins, such as penguins are birds that cannot fly, or penguins are carnivores who eat fish, crabs or krill. To make this an all out penguin-themed activity, put on the movie Happy Feet and tell your child to give his/her penguin a name!

2) Snowflake Scissor Skills-free printable PDF

This is a fun Melissa & Doug winter inspired activity that can be perfect for even the littlest tikes who are beginning to learn to cut with scissors. Download this free printable PDF file and have your child cut around the perforated edges to create masterful snowflakes you can hang around the house!

3) Mitten Collage

Here’s a fun arts and crafts idea that’s also a great way to recycle using old wrapping paper! Simply draw out a large mitten on construction paper and have your child cut up old wrapping paper from different occasions. Now using Elmer’s Glue have your child decorate their mitten however they please, this activity will increase their creativity and can help build an understanding of symmetry!

What are some activities that work well when your kids are stuck indoors?

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